Geobiology, Environmental Science & Spirituality

Clearing Mother Earth and restoring her original blueprint through the use of Sacred Geometry, quantum tools, sound frequencies, crystals, essential oils, sacred soils and waters. Working with the Devas, Nature Spirits, Guardians of the Land and the Angelic Realms through Ceremony.

Geobiology is BEYOND FENG SHUI.

It studies the influence of earth energies on all forms of life.

This Geobiology technique is the union of Science, Spirituality & Nature all working together to heal the Earth.


Tessie & Kelly McCabe


Tessie has been working and teaching Geobiology, Healing the Land since 1998 and created a method to do this work through dowsing and Ceremony,

Kelly, sound healer and former Hindu Monk, uses his music, spiritual mantras and prayers to heal the earth, air and waters.

Together they embody the Divine Feminine and Masculine to restore balance and harmony to the environment, raising the consciousness of the planet through this work.

Mega Geobiology Clearings


Tessie and Kelly McCabe have been together for 21 years sharing their lives, their music, their sound healing, their spiritual teachings and their love for Mother Earth all over the world:

USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Egypt, China and Taiwan.

We perform Mega Clearings or healings in each workshop for the country in which we are teaching the Geobiology workshop.

We also come together as groups all around the world, when a natural disaster strikes to help the Earth or the country that is suffering the consequences.

At this moment, since January 2020, all our Geobiology students have been working with the healing of the Coronavirus all around the world. We have done Planetary Mega Clearings for China, Brazil, USA, Europe and also working with the Indigenous tribes from all over the world.

Geobiology Workshops


In this workshop you will learn to clear pollution from the air, waters and land. How to heal geopathic stress, harmful energies from everything that is electric and electronic, negative thought forms and emotions held within the land. You will learn to work with quantum tools, sound, vibration and Sacred Geometry to restore Mother Earth’s original BLUEPRINT, releasing her stress

in a very gentle way.

Also, you will work co-creatively with the Devic and Angelic realms, Nature Spirits, so that they can hold the newly restored frequencies and vibrations, bringing balance and harmony to the environment and into your lives.

At the end of this workshop, you will be qualified as ENVIRONMENTAL THERAPISTS and will be able to offer this work professionally for businesses and private homes.