Clearing the Land,

Geobiology ... the science


In this workshop you will learn to clear pollution from the air, waters and land, geopathic stress, harmful energies from everything that is electric and        electronic, negative thought forms and emotions held within the land. You will learn to work with quantum tools, light, sound, vibration and Sacred Geometry to restore Mother Earth’s original BLUEPRINT, releasing Her stress in a very gentle way.

Also, you will work co-creatively with the Devic and Angelic realms, Nature Spirits, so that They can hold the newly restored frequencies and vibrations, bringing balance and harmony to the environment and into your lives.

At the end of this workshop, you will be qualified as ENVIRONMENTAL THERAPISTS and will be able to offer this work professionally.


( Music: Tina Malia - Heal this Land )


Tessie McCabe, Flagstaff, Arizona - USA

Sacred Rites - Kelly McCabe - tel: 928 556-0018


Earth Acupuncture, Environmental and Personal Harmonizing using Light, Sound, Vibration and QUANTUM TOOLS, Light Life Technology          by Slim Spurling to heal our Mother Earth


Tessie McCabe

( International facilitator for Geobiology and Slim Spurling’s tools )


Quantum Tools:

- Acu-vac

- Feedback Loop

- Light Life Rings

Slim, Tessie & Kelly -   Dec. 4th, 2004


FOL Harmonizer

with 3 Rings® for Clearing the Land


FOL Harmonizer®

for personal clearing